The Knights Templar

This humble and honorable Order of Excellence of soldiers-monks – founded by Bernard de Clairvaux in 1129 in Troyes (Champagne), clergyman renowned for his remarkable erudition for his time – built an unequalled empire over two centuries.

They were the pioneers of the intellectual, scientific, architectural, engineering and monetary progress in Europe. The Knights Templar were not a little group of dogmatic monks content in the comfort of their remote monastery – they were an unrivalled Elite fighting for freedom, evolution, protecting pilgrims and civilians in Jerusalem whatever their beliefs were.

In other words, they were the first expatriate European Diplomats who succeeded in unifying occidental and oriental talents leading to further knowledge. This collective work gave birth to gothic cathedrals and their magnificent stained glass windows, an ingenious modern banking system, an improved knowledge of hydraulic techniques, used amongst other things to irrigate vineyards etc.

Despite the dissolution of their Order in March 1314, they continue to inspire eminent writers, historians, film producers, treasure hunters and millions of people worldwide; the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple secrecies are illustrious legends connected to the Knights Templars.

To cite the most famous ones only, “L’Enclos du Temple” in Paris, Rennes-le-Château, Gisors in France, Temple Church in London, Bornholm in Denmark, Rosslyn Chapel and many meaningful places in Scotland, Almourol in Spain, a long list of Portuguese Castles and fortresses, Vrana in Dalmatia and over 10.000 commandery’ sites are still massively visited for their history or mysteries.


« En chaque homme veille une âme de Chevalier…

Combatif ou servant, fidèle et dévoué aux traditions qu’il transmet

Meneur d’hommes ou esprit solitaire, suzerain de sa terre ou vassal de terres lointaines

Il entreprend, enseigne, conquiert ou veille sur les siens…où qu’il soit….

Non nobis domine… »