Two-coloured casual chic / linen shirts


Chemises 100% linen two-coloured shirts

5 colour options:

  • Royal Blue/Chesnutt

  • Chesnutt/Royal Blue

  • Royal Blue/Grey-white

  • Grey-white/Royal Blue

  • Light mauve/Grey-white

Shirts 100% linenShoulder/shoulderArmpit/armpit
Taille M43 cm52 cm
Taille L51 cm57 cm
Taille XL53 cm63 cm
Taille XXL56 cm65 cm
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The refinement and comfort of two-tone natural fibres which highlight the type of man you are 

Linen – Symbol of White Magic practices during the Middle Ages…

Linen is the fibre produced from the Linum usitatissimum plant, one of the first textile fibres produced in the Antiquity.

In Egypt 6000 years ago, the dynasty of the Pharaohs was among the first to cultivate and use linen for clothing, funeral attire and boat sails.

Linen was introduced in Europe by the Phoenicians (modern day Lebanon – Phoenicia in 1200/1300 before Christ), outstanding and intrepid navigators, renowned merchants and artisans.

In France, the Gallic cultivated linen in the Lys Valley (present day Flanders); it was popularised during the reign of Charlemagne and its use became widespread in the XIth century.

During the XIIIth century, linen was widely produced in Flanders, Brittany and Anjou.

In the XIth century, linen was associated with White Magic and was known to possess magical qualities. It was said to cure, protect, make stronger and reconcile.