« Bertrand de Blanchefort » Cufflinks


Gold & Silver Rhedae Gold and Opalescent Moon 

Inspired by the front cover of the brand designer’s favourite book: « The Order of the Knights Templar » by the British writer and historian John Charpentier, Templar Soul cufflinks are available in 18 carat gold or silver.

Thanks to his immense talent and 25 year experience, Michel Quertain, artisan-jeweller, designed these superb and prestigious cufflinks exclusively for Templar Soul (registered design).

These haute couture and distinguished accessories will perfectly compliment our range of “business” shirts.

Description: 2 cubic shapes in pure silver decorated with a gold cross on the main face and 2 black crosses on either side. 

Rhedae gold … legend or mystery so initimately linked to the Blanchefort commandery, the Arques tomb as immortalised by the painter Nicolas Poussin and which has fascinated so many. « Et in Arcadia Ego »… The Knighs Templar: the history, the mystery, the captivating enigmas will never cease to fascinate the most pragmatic of people…


Size :

Main cube: 10 mm per edge
Smaller cube: 7 mm par edge
Total length : 30 mm

Weight : 

See Partnerships section: Michel Quertain « Creator of bespoke jewelery and d’Objets d’Art »