Templar Soul is a top of the line and innovative menswear range integrated with the major symbol of a strong and progressive Western Europe for almost a millennium

Fortress built in secret knowledge by those who have dreamed of a world emerged from darkness to the light of knowledge, listening to the thoughts of home and abroad to build or build differently, bringing together over talents.

Templar Soul offers refinement and the tradition of luxury in the heart of a Europe in myths, legends and history. That link of a secret path to a better world, Templars unfinished work began during two centuries of peace in the Holy Land.

Templar Soul is a small but pretty stone in the building of a crusade for anti-mediocrity which enters the history of fashion, in our in our image, in our century.

Part of the Treasure of the Templars at your fingertips to wear with the pride of your identity, to be liked as your story which will fit into history: nothing is too a beautiful an adornment for today …


To the memory of Godfrey of Bouillon, Hugues de Payens, Jacques de Molay
To Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard The Lion Heart (XII & XIII centuries)